Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trolls Cottage - Let It Burn -2008-
(Rock, Reggae, Indie)

From: Washington

With intoxicating genre-blending music and lyrical depth, Trolls Cottage has withstood the test of time. Nearly ten years after their inception, TC continues to create music that is both influential and inspiring. Their latest album, Let It Burn, considered the strongest TC album to date, is hypnotically simplistic but is soaked in lyrical contemplations. It highlights the songwriting and vocals of Jacob Bain and Mike Marlatt in an alternating fashion that keeps their sound unique and fresh. Bassist Erik Reimnitz contributes songs as well, and creates a great stage energy while drummer Earl Clay and percussionist Gabriel Blake lay down the foundation that is considered the signature TC sound. Title track 'Let It Burn' is a really sweet track and really sets the stage for this album that is likeable from the very first listen.

Trolls Cottage - Let It Burn

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