Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pete Francis - The Movie We Are In -2010-
(Rock, Folk, Indie)

From: New York

Not only was Pete Francis a part of one of the greatest Indie band stories of all time with Dispatch, but he has now become a fantastic solo artist putting out solid release after solid release. Pete is a storyteller and a poet when it comes to his songs and each track is packed with vivid lifelike detail. Francis’ previous solo albums were largely self-produced, but for The Movie We Are In he uprooted his more traditional approach to album-making and assembled an entirely new crew with Los Angeles based producer Jeff Trott who handles some of the biggest names in the industry. This LP has a much more wide open feel with a lot more going on, but still very accessible for long time fans and new listeners alike. Catchy tunes, great guitar work and Pete's signature unconventional lyrics make a for a very enjoyable listening experience. Commenting on his new album and departure from his Dispatch days, Francis says, “It’s good to get out of your comfort zone. I tried to let this motto resonate at every turning point of this record’s evolution.” When asked if there is an overall theme to The Movie We Are In, Francis explains, “I like to leave this up to the listener. Hearing an album is similar to visiting a museum. The listener has to have his or her own conversation with the artwork and create their own interpretations." Click album art above to purchase album!

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