Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seasick Steve - Man From Another Time -2009-
(Blues, Rock, Country)

From: United States

21st Century blues man, who reaches back to the old traditions but also has a punk sensibility, and a gravelly, soulful voice. Superb live, and famous for his 3 string Trance Wonder guitar (though he does play 6-string more often, as well as a one-string diddley bow!) He has played with everyone from Lightnin’ Hopkins and John Lee Hooker to Modest Mouse. Seasick Steve is a vagabond guitarist and singer who has been drifting across the globe like a musical tumbleweed becoming a star and favorite performer festival after festival. 'Man From Another Time' is a resolutely organic album that defies modern studio trickery in favour of the warm style of 'live' analogue recording. Everything on the album was performed by Seasick Steve, aside from drums which are credited to his longstanding Swedish sticksman Dan Magnusson. Seasick Steve brings great energy and feeling to every track and a great authenticity and ingenuity to the modern day blues genre.

Seasick Steve - Big Green and Yeller

Seasick Steve - Man From Another Time

Seasick Steve - Never Go West