Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kooii - In This Life -2010-
(Afro-Beat, Reggae, Jazz)

From: Brisbane

Rising out of the fertile soil of Brisbane's West End, Kooii has nurtured a uniquely local sound that weaves musical influences from around the world. Almost five years after their landmark debut album Beads On a String, Brisbane's innovators of Afro-Reggae have released their second LP entitled In This Life. Recorded over the last eight months, the band have once again collaborated with Paulie B (The Beautiful Girls, Tanuki Dub), engineer/producer extraordinaire of Kooii's stunning debut album. Whilst the edgy, driving Afro-rhythms of In This Life steer the group towards uncharted territory, the music is still laden with the stirring harmonies and sublime lyricism, inherent in Kooii's distinctive sound. The music is organic and the vibes flow throughout each fantastic track.

Kooii - What On Earth

Kooii - One Step

Kooii - Preparations

SOJA - Everything Changes (Single) -2010-
(Reggae, Dub, Roots)

From: Washington D.C.

New 2 song single from one of the best in the business when it comes to reggae. 'Everything Changes' has been a staple of live shows for awhile now and it is good to hear a nice polished studio version, but for that matter it is just good to hear anything from Soldiers Of Jah Army. Born In Babylon was one of the best albums of the year and I for one cannot wait for the next full length LP. But in the meantime check out the regular and remix of 'Everything Changes', it is a really nice track.

SOJA - Everything Changes

Full Service - Roaming Dragons -2010-
(Acoustic, Rock, Reggae)

From: Austin, TX

You don't often see a metal band come out with an album that is a great mixture of acoustics, percussion, harmonies, and folk influences, but that is exactly what Full Service delivers to the listener on Roaming Dragons. Lead singer and writer Hoag explains the reason for this drastically different approach and sound, "This album is defined by harmony. As I grieved for a lost love, I sought the compliment, the harmony, to grief, which to me is music. And as I was losing a love, I sought and found a love, which is Roaming Dragons." Overall the album is a blend of acoustic guitars, harmonized vocals, and just enough percussion. Other instruments, especially a melodica, are seamlessly strewn throughout the album giving each track its own unique sound.

Full Service - Lately

Full Service - Roaming Dragons