Friday, September 25, 2009

The Felice Brothers - Yonder Is The Clock -2009-
(Folk, Rock, Soul)

From: New York

"The Felice Brothers come to us from the Catskill Mountains where a homegrown sound has been working its way through the bloodlines for generations. Titled with a phrase drawn from the pages of Mark Twain, "Yonder Is The Clock" is teeming with tales of love, death, betrayal, baseball, train stations, phantoms, pandemics, jail cells, rolling rivers, and frozen winter nights. This is music that hasn't lost sight of the history of the land from which it came, and that quality alone makes The Felice Brothers the next great American band."
Fans of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Wilco will dig these guys. They may be steeped in tradition, but they are definitely a unique bunch. The music is dark, sad, romantic and there's an authenticity at work here that I just don't often hear in the rest of the folk/roots/Americana music genre.

The Felice Brothers - Penn Station

The Felice Brothers - Ambulance Man

The Felice Brothers - Run Chicken Run

The Felice Brothers - Boy From Lawrence County

Sunshine Brothers - Rebel Yellow -2007-
(Dub, Reggae, Soul)

From: Western Australia

"For the uninitiated The Sunshine Brothers play a gritty style of gypsy/dub/reggae and they don't mind a drink and they like to have a good time and share it around." These boys from Down Under create some damn fine instrumental music for any mood. When they do occasionally sing, expect vocals reminiscent of The Clash. Everything is done well on this LP - Guitars, Percussion, Horns and oh man can Cheeky play the Melodica. I love this album! It was recorded on the BEACH in Fremantle, so that gives you an idea of where the inspiration of The Sunshine Brothers is coming from. They have shared the stage with Xavier Rudd, The Cat Empire, Fat Freddy's Drop, The Beautiful Girls, etc... "Dub/reggae is the last form of rebel music standing and the Brothers play it with pride, power, authenticity and smiles." The have a newer album "GREENPOINT" out as well.

***There are two bands with the same name - this one from OZ and another from Cali who is also pretty damn chill and might make on here soon***

Sunshine Brothers - Something Special

Sunshine Brothers - Mean Ocean

Sunshine Brothers - French Provisions

Sunshine Brothers - Air Fire Water

Sunshine Brothers - Liquorella

G. Love & Special Sauce - Superhero Brother -2008-
(Roots, Blues, Hip Hop)

From: Philly

G. Love and Special Sauce's Superhero Brother is their third album for Jack Johnson's Brushfire label, and 10th overall in a career that now spans 15 years. Pretty good for guy who started out busking on the streets in Philly. Superhero Brother combines both political and party songs yet both come out feeling fun. "Peace Love and Happiness" was inspired by a trip G. Love made to the same slums of Rio de Janeiro depicted in the movie City of God. Stand out track "Wontcha Come Home" is a cover of an old Jamaican rock steady song by The Conquerers on the famed Trojan label, backed by Jazz and Houseman's Sly & Robbie-like rhythm section. So if you have never heard a blues hip-hop artist, which most of you haven't because I think G. Love made it up - Here is your chance.

G. Love & Special Sauce - Peace, Love & Happiness

G. Love & Special Sauce - Wontcha Come Home

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

David Gray - Draw The Line -2009-
(Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Pop)

From: United Kingdom

Ladies and Gentlemen, David Gray is back! The genius behind "White Ladder" a modern classic in my opinion has put out an album that gets back to Gray's roots of a gritty and often dark songwriter. Previous albums sounded a little overproduced - their are some strings here as well, but the piano/acoustic guitar staple sound of Gray is very well done. The tracks on "Draw The Line" crackle with energy, and the subtle pop impulses that propelled "White Ladder" bring just enough hooks to this album without sounding too forced. David Gray sings and plays with so much passion, and throughout this whole album it sounds as if he is singing the last show of his life. "Draw The Line" is a very listener friendly and accessible album, but at the same time it is open, expansive and deep. The title track catches David Gray at his very best and "Fugitive" sets a very nice tone and pace to the album. Amazingly, a lot of people I talk to have never even heard of David Gray, which is a shame, so spread the word people! Mr. Gray is Back!

David Gray - Fugitive

David Gray - Draw The Line

David Gray - First Chance

David Gray - Harder

David Gray - Draw The Line (Live & Acoustic)

Loren - Community -2005-
(Folk, Reggae, Acoustic)

From: Australia

Here is a very talented musician from Down Under. Very good writer, great voice, humble and down to earth dude. An independent musician who has carved out a nice place in the music world for himself. This was his first studio release and has a couple of really cool tracks. "Good Seed" is an awesome track and "Island Man" will have you singing along as soon as you hear it. He has a full band he tours with - 'The Grow Your Owns' and has a couple of other albums out. Check his website for some more info.
"Loren is one of those artits you see perform and wonder why you haven't heard of him before"

Time Off Magazine

Loren - Island Man

Loren - Good Seed

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wookiefoot - Be Fearless and Play -2009-
(Reggae, Hip-Hop, Funk, Rock, Folk)

From: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wookiefoot is absolutely mind-blowing! This genre hopping ensemble combines insightful lyrics, catchy melodies, and some crazy jams. When I listen to Wookiefoot I hear elements of Michael Franti & Spearhead, Matisyahu, Ben Harper and even some Parliament Funkadelic. But Wookiefoot is so much more than just those sounds alone, they are the sound of the world - encompassing musical sounds from so many parts of the globe. Each song is a new adventure. I absolutely love the slowed down acoustic reggae jams, but I have enjoyed exploring each track of this TRIPPY charity loving band.

Wookiefoot - Be Fearless and Play

Wookiefoot - Blue Sky

Wookiefoot - Home Free

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*Here are some tracks from their previous 2006 album "Activate" which are just to good not to share*

Wookiefoot - Dead in the Eyes

Wookiefoot - Welcome Home

Wookiefoot - Further Down

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mason Jennings - Blood of Man -2009-
(Folk, Rock)

The new Mason Jennings album was thought out, written, and recorded over the span of only a couple of weeks. Jennings calls this album "an introspective look at life as we age and tumble through it. I wrote about death, of course. I wrote about life. I wrote about pain and addiction. And I let it flow and left it raw. I worked fast and I let my heart lead." Mason is a fantastic songwriter and the feel of this album is definitely more raw and dark than previous ones, but it comes across as a powerful album. There are no standout singles here, but what we do get is an album we can crank up and feel. For example "The Field" looks at the current conflict in Iraq through the eyes of parents who have lost a child to the war. The song is drenched in grief and it's hard not to feel real emotion when Jennings sings, "I don't want a victory. I just want you back". This dark gem may not rank as his best or catchiest album, but it may be the hardest to get out of your head.

Mason Jennings - City of Ghosts

Mason Jennings - The Field

Mason Jennings - Black Wind Blowing

Mason Jennings - Sing Out

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Movement - Set Sail -2008-
(Reggae, Rock, Hip-Hop)

From: Philly

These boys from Philly have hooked up with producer Chris DiBeneditto (G. Love, Slightly Stoopid, the Expendables) and put out an album full of fun and upbeat tracks. Right off the bat you hear the influences of Slightly Stoopid and G. Love who coincidentally make guest appearances on the record. This album has the ability to please those listeners looking to chill or those dancing and partying the night away. "Another Man's Shoes" is getting plenty of play on my music lists lately, really good track.

The Movement - Mexico

The Movement - Throwdown

The Movement - Another Man's Shoes

The Seed - The Seed -2008-
(Reggae, Rock, Soul)

From: Roanoke, Virginia

This is an album full of
melodically smooth rock reggae with lots of soul. There are hints of Matisyahu & Citizen Cope in their sound The Seed is led by S.G. Lewis ("The Ambassador") whose goal it is not only to incite listener appeal but also to provoke deeper thought on issues of societal development, personal growth and the direction of the youth of today. This self-titled debut album is very promising and is sure to get some playtime in your stereos. "The Ambassador" also has a solo e.p. available. You can check it out HERE.

The Seed - No More

The Seed - A New Season

The Seed - Frontin'

The Seed - All Things Are Possible

The Casual Fiasco - E.P. -2007-
(Rock, Jam Band, Folk Rock)

From: Burlington, VT

The Casual Fiasco blend elements of roots rock, folk, blues, reggae and even some bluegrass. It is a mix of mountain and island music. I first heard these guys back in '05 because of their likeness to my all time favorite band - Dispatch. Their album 'Body Over Mind' was produced by Jack Gauthier(Dispatch) and was added to rotation on 150+ college radio stations across the country and extensive east coast touring. Their next album 'Prototype' was a very nice step forward as well as this E.P., which is available for free on their website. However the band went in different directions and we have not heard much out of these boys for awhile. According to their website though they are back and feel like playing music again. Hopefully we will hear more of The Casual Fiasco in the future.

The Casual Fiasco - Tribe Of Believers

The Casual Fiasco - Bottom of the Sea

The Casual Fiasco - Sweet Anita

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jeff Lang - Half Seas Over -2008-
(Experimental, Folk Rock, Blues)

From: Australia

This Australian based musician has earned worldwide acclaim as a virtuosic guitarist, a dynamic songwriter and a startlingly unique live performer. Mr. Lang has a back catalog of 13 studio albums and has been featured at major festivals, pubs, clubs, arts centers and venues internationally for the past decade. Blending rock, roots, folk, blues, ballads, instrumentals, improvisation and a devastatingly high level of musicality, Jeff Lang is a singularly unique performer. John Butler has been quoted as saying that Jeff Lang was his inspiration for where he is today. If you get a chance to listen to some of his earlier works it is very much encouraged. But for now enjoy the ART of this truly gifted musician.

Jeff Lang - Copper Mine

Jeff Lang - The Vaults Of Lattanzio

Jeff Lang - Ghosts On My Mind

Jeff Lang - Southern Highlands Daughter

Mofro - Lochloosa -2007-
(Blues, Rock, Funk)

From: Jacksonville, Florida

For those of you who have heard Mofro before you know this is not their newest album, but it is my favorite so I thought I would start those who are hearing them for the first time right here. This album contains some of the finest, chillest blues around coming straight to our ears from the swamps of Florida. Lead singer and songwriter JJ Grey brings us along for the ride with his soulful grooves and gritty rock, funk laments. Check out Mofro's 3 other albums if you enjoy this, which I know you will.

Mofro - Lochloosa

Mofro - Fireflies

Mofro - Ten Thousand Islands

Mofro - Pray For Rain

Monday, September 7, 2009

Soldiers Of Jah Army - Born In Babylon -2009-
(Reggae, Dub, Rock)

From: Washington D.C.

SOJA is one of the best American reggae bands around. They take the core values of Jamaican reggae - uniting people of all countries, all races, and all religions with a sound that is dedicated to searching for the answers to life, conflict, humanity and love. SOJA is telling this same roots story, but from the view of America. Jacob Hemphill is a fantastic songwriter and the lead vocals shared with Bob Jefferson flow so nice with the mellow, but upbeat reggae rhythms. 'Born In Babyon' is a very very good reggae album from beginning to end and continues to get better with each listen. So what are you waiting for - GIVE IT A LISTEN!

SOJA - Losing My Mind

SOJA - Used To Matter

SOJA - You and Me

SOJA - Rest Of My Life

SOJA - I Don't Wanna Wait

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rodrigo y Gabriela - 11:11 -2009-
(Acoustic, Folk, Rock, Instrumental)

From: Mexico City

Rodrigo y Gabriela are two Mexican born guitar virtuosos who met and started playing together as teenagers. They traveled as street musicians finally settling in Dublin, Ireland where their virtuoso duo-guitar instrumentals garnered them a following and eventually found them at the top of the Irish charts. Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero once again bring their explosive mixture of Central and South American folk, with its propulsive rock rhythms and grooves reminiscent of The Gipsy Kings' on '11:11. The album is infectious, precise and full of pulsating rhythms. The album is available Sept. 8th.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Hanuman

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Buster Voodoo

Rodrigo y Gabriela - 11:11

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Diablo Rojo