Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mishka - Talk About -2010-
(Reggae, Acoustic, Soul)

From: Bermuda

Seemingly right on the heels of the fantastic Above The Bones, Mishka has released another album full of beautiful, intelligent, and inspirational reggae tunes. Mishka is known for his chilled out reggae, which is very prevalent on Talk About, but there are new elements at work that find Mishka exploring all of his musical influences. There is a little rock/pop thrown into the mix on Talk About reminiscent of Ben Harper. Mishka's music is instantly likable and as I have said before transports you to a tranquil sandy beach or wherever you feel the most at peace. Mishka is the first artist signed to Matthew McConaughey’s j.k. livin label and Talk About has debuted at #1 on the iTunes reggae charts above Bob Marley's Legend. Give Mishka a listen and some support you will not be disappointed.

Mishka - Dead End Streets

Mishka - Fallen To Rise

Mishka - Talk About

Monday, March 29, 2010

Julian Casablancas - Phrazes For The Young -2009-

(Rock, Pop)

From: New York

Best known as the lead singer/songwriter of the Strokes, Julian Casablancas joins other Strokes members in becoming a solo artist for the time being and has put out a very good, very catchy debut album. Phrazes For The Young has a retro sound, but it is not the same retro garage band sound that The Strokes are famous for. There is more of an electro/synth 80's vibe at work here. Julian's usually scruff voice in smoothed over and layered with cool and atmospheric keyboards. Phrazes For The Young is an album that will appeal to fans of the Strokes and for those looking for something a little different from Mr. Casablancas.

Julian Casablancas - Out Of The Blue

Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lou Barlow - Goodnight Unknown -2009-
(Indie, Rock, Folk)

From: Los Angeles

Lou Barlow is widely considered to be among the most prolific and ground-breaking indie musicians of the 1990's. He's best known for his work with Sebadoh, Folk Implosion and Dinosaur Jr.'s original and current lineup. Many labels have been applied to his unique brand of acoustic rock, including lo-fi, folk-pop and folkcore. Barlow's latest album, his second official solo effort under his own name, is titled Goodnight Unknown. In the four years since his career-redefining, mostly acoustic record Emoh, Lou Barlow has reunited with Dinosaur Jr. and reissued three of Sebadoh's classic albums. But as this brilliant new album illustrates, he's hardly living in the past. Borrowing the live-band energy of Dinosaur Jr. and the stylistic reach of Sebadoh, Barlow has built on Emoh's full production and written a set of immediate, melodic pop songs that Lou describes as, "a cross between my later work with Folk Implosion and my earlier work with Sebadoh to my ears, anyway." Barlow creates acoustic ballads, driving rock tunes and thumping studio productions that will sing your anxieties to sleep.

Lou Barlow - Goodnight Unknown

Lou Barlow - Too Much Freedom

Lou Barlow - Gravitate

Lou Barlow - The Right

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Skints - Live. Believe. Build. Believe. -2009-
(Reggae, Ska, Punk)

From: London

This is one rocking debut album full of raw and unbridled energy and tight grooves. The Skints bridge the gap between early UK reggae classics (think UB40’s ‘Present Arms’ and Steel Pulse’s ‘Handsworth Revolution’) and the contemporary, conscious street-sounds of The King Blues with just enough of The Clash thrown in to keep me listening to most of the album on repeat. The Skints are Marcia Richards - Vocals, Saxophone, Organ & Melodica. Josh Waters Rudge - vocals & Guitar. Jamie Kyriakides - Vocals & Drums and Jon Doyle - Bass. Very cool dub soaked tales straight from the youth of London.

The Skints - Ya Know

The Skints - Culture Vulture

The Skints - Contemplations of the Modern Rude Boy

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Sheepdogs - Learn & Burn -2010-
(Rock, Southern Rock, Soul)

From: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

From the prairie city of Saskatoon come the Sheepdogs, 4 young gentlemen who revel in the joy of rock 'n' roll so wholeheartedly, it's downright contagious. Sporting the long-haired looks of their musical forefathers, the lads make the most of their 2 guitars, bass and drums combo. Soulful vocalizations, everybody harmonizing, old-school guitar chops winding, riffing and chiming, and a grooving rhythm section that keeps it all going. “It’s all about the type of music that we like,” said Ewan Currie, lead singer of the group. “Typically it’s older rock ’n’ roll: CCR, Zeppelin, the Stones and the Beatles. It’s all about harmonies and melody — good grooving rhythm sections.” Some very nice Southern rock flowing from these Canadians. Rocking, groovy stuff.

The Sheepdogs - I Don't Know

The Sheepdogs - I Don't Get By

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune -2010-
(Rock, Classic Rock)

From: Seattle

Valleys Of Neptune is the newly compiled album of 12 fully realized studio recordings, and more than 60 minutes of music never before commercially available. Centered around tracks recorded during a pivotal and turbulent four-month period in 1969, Valleys Of Neptune unveils the original Jimi Hendrix Experience's final studio recordings, as the group lays down the foundation for its follow-up to Electric Ladyland, alongside the guitar superhero's first sessions with bassist Billy Cox. Valleys Of Neptune provides an essential, compelling, and up-til-now largely unseen view of what Jimi Hendrix was up to musically in the critical period between the release of Electric Ladyland in October 1968 and the 1970 opening of his own Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village, the state of the art facility where he would begin his final project, the ambitious double album First Rays Of The New Rising Sun. An album of unreleased and mostly unheard studio material from the master of the electric guitar. I'm Game!

Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune

Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin

Jimi Hendrix - Lover Man

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

iLa Mawana - iLa Mawana E.P. -2009-
(Reggae, Dub, Afro-Beat)

From: Boston

iLa Mawana is a 9-piece original reggae movement, pure roots reggae and experimental dub. Recently named one of the Top 100 Hottest Unsigned Acts of 2009 by Music Connection Magazine, iLa Mawana brings a unique and powerful energy to every live performance. iLa Mawana's self-titled EP is a mixture of old school dub/roots reggae with a modern twist. Think Israel Vibrations meets Lee Scratch Perry and Matisyahu on a stage somewhere in the ska-filled 90's. At its core, Boston-based iLa Mawana is solidly reggae, but by mixing dub, roots and Afro-beat, they add dimension to their sound. They have created a record that showcases their proficiency as musicians and energy as entertainers. With each song, the instruments, vocals and beats are clearly defined and have direction. This is a band with a vision. Get the EP for free from The Pier by clicking the album art above.

iLa Mawana - Heaven's Beach

iLa Mawana - Burnin

iLa Mawana - Karmaland

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Will and the People - Knocking (Single) -2009-
(Reggae, Pop, Ska)

From: London

Will and the People are led by frontman Will Rendle (vocals, guitar) and the People are Dan Lundholm (bass), Simon Hanson (drums), John Tilley (keyboards), Alison Brown (keyboards, backing vocals). They're being touted as the new Police or Specials with their own blend of bouncing reggae pop rhythms. With this single, and EP that you can purchase HERE and a new album on the way WATP will most likely blow up on the other side of the pond very soon. Nice catchy tunes that will have you singing along on the first listen.

Will and the People - Knocking

Will and the People - Guilty

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Johnny Cash - American VI: Ain't No Grave -2010-
(Country, Folk, Rock)

From: Nashville

American VI: Ain't No Grave, is the sixth and final installment of Johnny Cash's critically-acclaimed American Recordings album series. Covers on the set include Sheryl Crow’s “Redemption Day,” Kris Kristofferson’s “For the Good Times,” Ed McCurdy’s “Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream” and Bob Nolan’s “Cool Water.” American VI will also feature the never-before-heard Cash original “I Corinthians: 15:55,” which he wrote during the last three years of his life. Cash began recording American VI in 2002 and worked up until his September 12th, 2003 death. American VI is deeply elegiac and spiritual, with each song its own piece of the puzzle of life's mysteries and challenges - the pursuit of salvation, the importance of friendships, the dream of peace, the power of faith, and the joys and adversities that entail simple survival. It is an achingly personal and intimate statement, as, from the end of the line, Johnny Cash looks back on a most extraordinary life.

Johnny Cash - Ain't No Grave

Johnny Cash - Redemption Day

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dave Mattews & Tim Reynolds - Live in Las Vegas -2010-
(Acoustic, Rock)

From: Virginia

This is the dynamic duo's first set of acoustic shows since the release of the critically acclaimed and platinum certified Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King by The Dave Matthews Band. If you have never heard any of these Dave and Tim sets before you know that Dave Matthews is one of those performers who often reworks his material onstage. Fans have come to expect some radical transformations and this collection, recorded with long-time collaborator Tim Reynolds, does not disappoint. Recorded at Planet Hollywood’s Theater for the Performing Arts, Live In Las Vegas expands on songs from every aspect of his career. Songs that your used to exploding with the sound of a full band come across beautifully in these smaller arrangements. Full of energy and fantastic sound quality make this a must have just as Live at Luther College was 10 years ago.

Dave Matthew & Tim Reynolds - Squirm

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Grey Street

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Bartender

Monday, March 8, 2010

Giraffe Aftermath - Giraffe Aftermath -2008-
(Reggae, Surf, Hip-Hop)

From: Vancouver

You probably have never heard of Vancouver based Giraffe Aftermath, but believe me you need to and here is your chance. They bring a Sublime surf/reggae style full of slow tempo grooves, smooth heavy bass lines and tight popping snare drums. The Hip-Hop portions of the album weave together with the surf grooves so so good. Awesome guitar work and great vocals make this a must listen. Great laid back tunes working here. Giraffe Aftermath is Steve Hackenbruch, Luke de Villiers, Michael Agranovich, Cameron Stephens, David Ecclestone and Kevin Hickey. Check out their myspace page to listen to a couple really good sample songs off their upcoming album.

Giraffe Aftermath - Home Ain't

Giraffe Aftermath - Cedar Hill

Dominic Balli - Public Announcement -2008-
(Reggae, Rap, Rock)

From: Los Angeles

Promoters, venues, and fans alike have caught the fire of this Southern California Rock/Pop/Reggae singer/songwriter. With his soulful melodies, pounding bass lines, and Hip Hop background vocals, experiencing the passion and authenticity of a Dominic Balli live show will leave you sonically and spiritually satisfied in more ways than one. However, the sound of Dominic Balli doesn’t simply boast creative and truly genuine musicality, but hard hitting, and transparently honest, lyrics of freedom, hope, and love. It seems like it is just the beginning for Dominic Balli. Reminds me a lot of Matisyahu. Good stuff.

Dominic Balli - Remedy

Dominic Balli - Warrior

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Xavier Rudd & Izintaba New Album

Friday, March 5, 2010

Isaac Graham - Empty Vessels -2009-
(Indie, Acoustic, Folk)

From: Sydney, Australia

Isaac Graham is impending wildly. The young singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia has released his debut LP Empty Vessels. Isaac Graham is the perfect example of exactly why you don't need a major record deal or fancy recording studio to make wonderful music. Using only a Tascam 8-Track recorder and a "cheap microphone", Isaac has created a fantastic folk-rock album. The album is a beguiling mix of punk rock rhythms and strong lyrical narratives. Think The Mountain Goats cross Billy Bragg cross The Pogues. Click the cover art to download the full album for free.

Isaac Graham - Photographs and Histories

Isaac Graham - This Old Town

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fortunate Youth - Up-Lifted E.P. -2010-
(Reggae, Dub, Roots)

From: Los Angeles

Fortunate Youth is a collaboration of South Bay reggae stand-outs. Coming from various bands, they've created a phenomenal 7 piece bringing more fire to the stage than ever before. Combining rootsy vibes and heavy bass lines united with multiple harmonies and boisterous solos, separating Fortunate Youth from every other mainstream reggae band. With their high energy approach and positive stage presence they provide an unforgettable show to every music fan. The E.P. is full of heavy keys and some sick guitar solos throughout. A very very promising up-and-coming reggae band here. Give them a listen and some support.

Fortunate Youth - Ride

Fortunate Youth - Burn One

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Soft Pack - The Soft Pack -2010-
(Rock, Indie, Garage)

From: San Diego, CA

The Soft Pack are an indie rock band which formed in San Diego, California in 2008. They consist of Matt Lamkin (vocals, guitar), Matty McLoughlin (guitar), David Lantzman (bass) and Brian Hill (drums). Until recently these rockers were known as The Muslims with a single and EP under their belts. Once the music began to garner more attention the name started to gain as much as the tunes, so a change was made. This is The Soft Packs first full length album and it is spilling over with simple, smart, and catchy rock songs that will appeal to fans of The Ramones to Franz Ferdinand and everything in-between. Highlights include the perfect one-two punch of the first singles "C'Mon" and "Answer To Yourself."Go ahead try out these slick, punky slices of fast riffin’ rock.

The Soft Pack - C'mon

The Soft Pack - Answer To Yourself