Monday, November 5, 2012

Xavier Rudd - Spirit Bird   -2012-
(Folk, Rock, Blues, Indigenous)

Shaped by his history but continuing to break new ground, Xavier Rudd is at his most creative on Spirit Bird once again painting breathtaking pictures with vivid, unmistakable tones. Hypnotic ceremonial rhythms ease effortlessly into tender folk songs. Gritty guitar blues sits perfectly alongside entrancing yidaki passages. Rudd's voice, and the voice of his ancestors, yet again bearing truth and knowledge. Led by the heart-warming "Follow The Sun," Spirit Bird weaves together Rudd's trademark mixture of blues, reggae, indigenous and folk music in new and familiar ways... at times recalling the simplicity of Solace, and at others the electricity of Dark Shades Of Blue. There is the youthfulness of To Let, but the wisdom of Koonyum Sun. It is Xavier Rudd by every measure.

Xavier Rudd - Spirit Bird

Xavier Rudd - Bow Down

Xavier Rudd - Follow The Sun   

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Angus Stone - Broken Brights  -2012-
(Folk, Rock, Acoustic)

Broken Brights marks a departure for Angus Stone, and not just from recording with his long-term musical co-conspirator Julia. For the past seven years, he’s been travelling the world as one half of brother-sister duo Angus & Julia Stone. Broken Brights, produced by Angus, is also proof that he can deftly shift between genres without compromising his signature sound. While title track "Broken Brights" is a return-to-form for Stone it's a nostalgic, dreamy tribute to our youth "Bird On the Buffalo" is a livelier composition, incorporating distorted guitar riffs. There is a story behind each track, which is pretty cool. Angus Stone is quickly becoming one of contemporary music’s most acclaimed, yet inherently enigmatic, young artists. What Angus Stone has captured in the recording process is this: memories and imaginings from his pilgrimage around the planet. What he says about going solo could easily sum up the experience of listening to Broken Brights: “It’s a whole different trip.”
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Angus Stone - Broken Brights

Angus Stone - Bird on the Buffalo

Angus Stone - Only A Woman

Friday, November 2, 2012

Chadwick Stokes - Simmerkane II  -2011-
(Rock, Folk, Reggae)

Chad Urmston aka Chadwick "Chicoree" Stokes of Dispatch and State Radio fame has a released this solo project which is inspired by Chad's train jumping adventures across the United States. The songs on Simmerkane II didn't quite fit musically with his other bands and we are the beneficiaries of that. Chad wrote this album to keep challenging himself creatively. Simmerkane II is a more accessible look at Chad Stokes and features album guests: Carly Simon, Blake Hazard (The Submarines), Matt Embree(The Rx Bandits), The White Buffalo and Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars. Simmerkane II is an awesome album by one of the finest and busiest (thank the lord for that) talents in music.
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Chadwick Stokes - Adelaide

Chadwick Stokes - Black Bottle

Chadwick Stokes - All My Possessions (Ode to Troy)

Current Swell - Long Time Ago  -2012-
(Rock, Folk, Reggae)

Based in Victoria, B.C., Current Swell has been in the foreground of the "new roots" music front pushing out of Canada's west coast. Thanks in large part to constant touring with artists like Xavier Rudd, John Butler Trio, Dispatch and more, this independent band has developed a solid and ever growing fan base. Their newest effort Long Time Ago is a chill, hit-filled album. There are no filler songs on this one folks. Beautiful harmonies, tight instrumentation and some real nice song writing make Long Time Ago a Folk-Rock winner. The blues and reggae influence of their earlier recordings has really transformed into all the great things associated with folk & rock music. This is growth.Current Swell is a true up and comer and if you get a chance to see them live don't miss it.
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Current Swell - Too Cold

Current Swell - Brad's Song

Current Swell - Honest Man

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The White Buffalo - Once Upon A Time In The West  - 2012-
(Rock, Folk, Country)

There are not many artists making music as original as Jake Smith aka The White Buffalo. His style, voice and presence are all unmatched and he has done it once again with this newest effort. The songs on Once Upon A Time In The West are rooted in everyday struggles, on both epic and personal scales, with elements of Blues, Country & Western, Folk, and Classic Rock. The influences of story-tellers like Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings, Townes Van Zandt, Elliot Smith, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Bad Religion shine through. The album ranges in themes from slices of life in the shadows to coming out of a battlefield to dark heroic fantasies. Do yourself a favor and get this album and discover the greatness that is The White Buffalo. Click album art above to purchase Once Upon A Time In The West.

The White Buffalo - How The West Was Won

The White Buffalo - The Pilot

The White Buffalo - Wish It Was True

The Green - Ways & Means  -2011-
(Reggae, Pop, Dub)

The Green, four boys hailing from Hawaii who burst out in 2010 with their self-titled debut album. Amazingly for a new band, the disc rocketed onto Billboard’s 2010 Year-End Top 10 Reggae Chart, was honored as iTunes’ Reggae Album of the Year. Now the promise of The Green’s youth-infused roots reggae revival is set to be fulfilled with their sophomore disc, Ways & Means, on Easy Star Records, the pioneering indie reggae label. The startling speed with which the band has built up its strong and loyal following can only accelerate from here. The four members of The Green take pride in the pop-burnished roots reggae style they’ve cooked up-edgy enough to make tastemakers sit up and take notice, yet accessible to all ages. Four distinct voices, four sharp songwriting talents, masterful musicianship, and monster grooves add up to one exceptional band with an unforgettable sound and a powerful story. On Ways & Means the band also interjects doses of R&B, Soul, and Pop, making them an accessible listen to fans outside of reggae circles without diluting their roots. Though The Green is an important player in the new wave of homegrown reggae artists, they stand out with their ability to play both classic roots and modern dancehall, their vocal harmonies recalling reggae’s golden age. With their upcoming extensive US tour kicking off around release date, The Green is poised to break out on a national level. Click album art above to purchase Ways & Means.

The Green - Keep On

The Green - Love & Affection

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mat McHugh - Love Come Save Me Now -2012-  
(Surf, Folk, Acoustic) 

A Letter From Mat
Sometime, shortly before the dawn of the new millennium, I visited a fortune teller down a dusty dirt track in the middle of India. He made many predictions, a lot of which have since come to pass. The most interesting though was that I would make my 'most important creative work' in 2012. I've spent many nights since then wondering how to interpret that prophecy. Trying to work out exactly what he meant. The conclusion I reached was that whatever it was that I was to create had to be about love and, secondly, it had to be shared. I've been blessed enough to be able to spend my entire adult life making music and have been awarded an amazing life. I have found a lot of love and have been gifted many things. I feel like the most 'important' thing I could do is to give something back. So, I have made an album of music that means more to me than any before it. I made the best record I possibly could. I am going to release it as a free download from my website with an option to order a physical copy with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. My only goal is to spread love and give something back to the Universe. I would love for anyone that the music reaches to share it and send it out into the World. The power of 'word of mouth' is almighty. Those that purchase it will be supporting independent music and donating money to keep our oceanic environments healthy through the Surfrider Foundation. Copies of the album will also be available at my shows. I want to take this opportunity to deeply thank everybody that has supported me and my music, whether solo or with The Beautiful Girls, throughout the years. You'll never know how much it means. Please accept this music how it was intended, with love. Feels like we're just getting started ... X, m.

To Download and spread the word about Mat's amazing new album Love Come Save Me Now for FREE!!! click HERE

Mat McHugh - Strange Days

Mat McHugh - A Pocket Full Of Shells

Mat McHugh - Go Don't Stop