Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Timmy Curran - Word Of Mouth -2008-
(Rock, Pop, Folk, Acoustic)

From: California

A pioneer in the realm of surfing has turned his attention to the art of making music for awhile and the result is very nice! With hints of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper, Curran puts together a nice album with his light & airy vocals and relaxing haunting melodies. Curran’s music has the same mix of coolness and depth, though it’s not quite as catchy as either of the compared musicians. Yet! That is not to say it isn't great music because it is. 'Daylights Coming' is a stand out track on the album and even better heard live. 'Blue Eyes' is a catchy light-hearted good time and 'Comatose' is one of those haunting deep melodies. This is a very good debut album from a very talented man. Looking forward to much more good music from Mr. Curran in the future. Oh and he is damn good live!

Timmy Curran - Daylight's Coming

Timmy Curran - Comatose

Timmy Curran - Selfish Ways

Timmy Curran - Blue Eyes

Monday, July 27, 2009

Manu Chao - La Radiolina -2007-
(Latin, Reggae, Ska, Rock)

From: Barcelona, Spain

A true man of the world. This is a guy who can music in multiple languages, but even if you can't understand the words, you feel them. La Radiolina is a mix of festival style rock, defiant politics, and an unrelenting pace. Manu Chao is constantly recycling beats and melodies to form a perfectly flowing listening experience. Some songs seem like reworks or versions of the same song done in different ways. It is very similar to a riddim album in that regards. Manu Chao is able to unite people with his music and is huge in Europe, Central America and Mexico. Hopefully this is the album to bring Manu Chao to a wider American audience. We need more musicians like this. Awesome music and meaninful lyrics.
"Poly-lingual, perpetually globetrotting and vehemently anti-capitalist, the singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer is the one-man embodiment of an ideology of inter-cultural cool, which, judging by his sales figures, a great many people would like to buy into."

Manu Chao - Politik Kills

Manu Chao - Rainin In Paradize

Manu Chao - Besoin de la Lune

Manu Chao - Otro Mundo

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Echo Movement - In The Ocean -2009-
(Reggae, Rock, Alternative)

From: New Jersey

Brothers Steve and Dave grew Echo Movement from their Jersey Shore roots. They merged local beach culture with island and world music to create a unique blend they call "surf, reggae, soca." And what started as two brothers jamming has turned into an 8 piece band. 'In The Ocean' the 2nd LP from Echo Movement has a very nice blend of Sublime style reggae/ska, rock and a few really nice dub tracks. You have to give a listen to any band who writes a song titled 'I Think God Smokes Weed.' Highlights so far have to be 'Keep My Head High' and the dubby 'Soul Searching Drive.'

Echo Movement - Keep My Head High

Echo Movement - I Think God Smokes Weed

Echo Movement - All I Can

Echo Movement - Daydreamer

Echo Movement - Soul Searching Drive

Sunday, July 19, 2009

RX Bandits - Mandala -2009-
(Rock, Progressive, Alternative)

From: Seal Beach, CA

A band that is constantly reinventing their sound is a tricky thing but if done right the great musicianship of that band shines through. RX Bandits are one of those bands that do it right. They have covered almost all genres of music throughout their career - Rock, Reggae, Punk, Blues, etc.. On their new album 'Mandala' they have scaled down the 'ska' horns that were so prevalent on some previous records and come up with a more straight forward hard Prog-Rock sound. The songs on this LP flow very nicely into each other and you are treated to a true musical experience after listening to this album. Another of those explosive live bands so if you get a chance to see them don't miss it. You can get this album on Amazon.MP3 for $2.99 right now. My highlights so far are 'March Of The Caterpillar' and 'White Lies'.

RX Bandits - My Lonesome Only Friend

RX Bandits - March Of The Caterpillar

RX Bandits - White Lies

RX Bandits - Bury It Down Low

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Cat Empire - Live On Earth -2009-
(Jazz, Funk, Latin, Ska, Rock)

From: Melbourne, Australia

One of Australia's most successful touring bands. This 2 disc live set is a testament to why they have been selling out shows across the globe for years. Full of fan favorites from their personal archive of live recordings spanning their full career, The Cat Empire have given their fans a look into the dynamic live sets they deliver. The Cat Empre is a musically gifted group of musicians who don't play a song the same way every time. They bring new arrangements for a bunch of the songs on these discs. It is pretty cool to hear a song you thought you knew every chord and lyric to and hear it like never before. So crank up the stereo and commence your dancing and singing, NOW!

The Cat Empire - The Chariot

The Cat Empire - Two Shoes

The Cat Empire - No Longer There

Thursday, July 16, 2009

State Radio - Knights Of Bostonia -2009-
(Rock, Reggae, Alternative)

From: Boston, Mass

Here is another new single off the highly anticipated new album 'Let It Go' by Floggin Molly *&%#$@! Oh Wait!!!!! Damn!!!! This is STATE RADIO pumping out some of the most rocking, catchiest Irish punk/rock anyone has heard in a very long time. The versatility to this band is endless. They can do it all. The album drops Sept. 29th people. Buy a ticket to a fall show and get a free copy of the new album. Chetro, Mad Dog, and Chuckie Fay are the SHIT!!! plain and simple.

State Radio - Knights Of Bostonia

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lee Everton - Inner Exile -2008-
(Reggae, Acoustic, Roots)

From: Zurich, Switzerland

Imagine Van Morrison doing reggae and you get this guy: Lee Everton. A voice sweet & soulful. Crazy! Also slightly resembles contemporaries like Donavon Frankenreiter and Pete Francis. This is a very nice debut album from the young Swiss reggae singer-songwriter. I love his mellow laid-back style. He calls this 'Slingstyle' music. Every song has a solid 'Wailers' reggae beat with some very good lead guitar. Listening to this LP puts you at ease and a smile upon your face. Enjoy this new talent.

Lee Everton - Inner Exile

Lee Everton - King Vapor

Lee Everton - Cold Wind Blow

Lee Everton - April

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Red Eyes - Rudeworld -2006-
(Reggae, Dub)

From: Melbourne, Australia

One of the few authentic Reggae/Dub bands to come out of Oz. A 10 piece band that plays very tight, explosive roots reggae and spacey dub. Soulful vocals and nice big basslines, just the way it should be. Nice chill tunes.

The Red Eyes - The Power

The Red Eyes - Rock Steady

The Red Eyes - Rudeworld

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blitzen Trapper - Furr -2008-
(Folk, Rock, Country)

From: Portland, Oregon

Most definitely a 60's and 70's throwback band, but Blitzen Trapper manages to keep their sound out of any one era. This blend of country, rock, and folk are timeless and done flawlessly. At any one time you could mistake any track on 'Furr' for The Grateful Dead, Neil Young, or Bob Dylan. Great lyrics and storytelling along with some of the tightest acoustic instrumentation i've heard in awhile. Very organic & cool album. Can't stop listening to these two tracks.

Blitzen Trapper - Furr

Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer

Friday, July 10, 2009

Redrama - The Getaway -2009-

From: Finland

Ok so Hip-Hop is not usually my cup of tea, but every once in awhile I hear something that really hits me. Redrama is an MC from Finland and has just put out a very nice sounding LP. Lots of synth, basslines, melodies and a little autotone aka Kanye. Really enjoyed these two songs I've posted. Hope you do as well.

Redrama - For A Day

Redrama - The Getaway

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Three Legged Fox - Not as Far -2009-
(Rock, Roots, Reggae)

From: Wallingford, Pennsylvania

Three Legged Fox is Kyle Wareham (lead vocals, guitar), Mike Brody (lead guitar), Eric Weisenstein (bass), and Kory Kochersperger (drums). 'Not as Far' is the bands second album and has been produced by prominent recording engineer/producer Chris DiBeneditto at Philadelphonic Studios, and features guest performances by members of G. Love & Special Sauce, Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, and John Brown's Body. TLF has a true organic roots rock & reggae sound. My favorite tracks are the more prominent reggae ones, but every cut is pretty solid. Nice soulful vocals and some very good guitar at work here. Check out one of the best kept secrets on the east coast.

Three Legged Fox - Soul Thief

Three Legged Fox - Away

Three Legged Fox - Not As Far

Three Legged Fox - I Believe (feat. Jacob Hemphill)

Three Legged Fox - Slow Down

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lady of the Sunshine - Smoking Gun -2009-
(Rock, Alternative)

From: New South Wales, Australia

'Lady Of The Sunshine' is the solo project by Australian singer/songwriter Angus Stone, known for his work with his sister in the duo Angus and Julia Stone. The duo puts out melodic acoustic folk, but here Angus plugs in and lets loose. There are still traces of the softer Nick Drake style of tunes, but on the others you see a new White Stripes, Black Keys style from Mr. Stone. The album alternates nicely between the chilled-acoustic and the full on rock tracks. I think we truly get to see the real Angus Stone with this record, displaying the true capability of his voice, which goes from a quiet, chilled, folk voice, to a full-on rock scream. An album and an artist definitely worth checking out.

Lady of the Sunshine - Silver Revolver

Lady of the Sunshine - White Rose Parade

Lady of the Sunshine - Jack Nimble

Lady of the Sunshine - Smoking Gun

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Franti & Spearhead - All Rebel Rockers -2008-
(Rock, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Soul, Dub)

From: San Francisco, CA

It was hard to imagine Franti & Spearhead were going to be able to follow up their superb 'Yell Fire' album, but they have done an admirable job with this LP. 'All Rebel Rockers' is part fiery protest a la past Franti, but it is also a infectious dance and reggae album. There is a feeling of jubilation, love and hope throughout. These boys make music that everyone should hear because if it is true that music can change the world, this is most definetly some of that music. Recorded in Jamiaca and produced by reggae/dub legends Sly & Robbie.

Michael Franti & Spearhead - A Little Bit Of Riddim

Micheal Franti - Remote Control

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Say Hey (I Love You)

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Hey World

Friday, July 3, 2009

State Radio - Evolution -2009-
(Rock, Reggae, Alternative)

From: Boston, Mass

Here is the first single from State Radio's upcoming summer album. 'Evolution' is a perfect example of what Chetro, Maddog, and Chuckie Fay do best. A beautiful little reggae tinged, politically and socially charged rock song. AWESOME. I cannot wait for this album. Sign up for their mailing list and get a free download of this track. Enjoy!

State Radio - Evolution

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bedouin Soundclash - Where Have The Songs Played Gone To? -2009-
(Reggae, Dub, Soul)

From: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Canadian reggae is alive and well everybody. Bedouin Soundclash takes a very urban route to making reggae music. Parts Reggae, soul, jazz, dub and punk all at once. Their music is very accessible, vibrant and definitely enjoyable. Compared by critics to The Clash and The Police, but I believe they are bringing something entirely new to our musical palettes. This 5 song EP is a B-Sides to 'Street Gospels' their critically acclaimed 3rd studio album. It is only available digitally right now so go on Itunes etc... and get this one. Enjoy Eh?

Bedouin Soundclash - Stand Alone

Bedouin Soundclash - Radio Palais

Bedouin Soundclash - Disgeneration

Bedouin Soundclash - Talking Man

Bedouin Soundclash - On My Block

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rebelution - Courage To Grow -2008-
(Reggae, Rock)

From: Santa Barbara, CA

This is seriously some of the catchiest reggae, scratch that, MUSIC your ears will ever hear. Upbeat, feel-good music whose melodies and harmonies will have you moving in no time. The band describes their sound as 'California Reggae' which is similar to Slightly Stoopid and Pepper. So if your into that sound you have to check these guys out. They have their highly anticipated 2nd album "Bright Side Of Life" coming out Aug. 9th. But in the meantime check out some tracks from one of the best debut albums in quite some time.

Rebelution - Courage To Grow

Rebelution - Safe And Sound

Rebelution - Feeling Alright

Rebelution - Attention Span

Rebelution - Green To Black