Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seasick Steve - Man From Another Time -2009-
(Blues, Rock, Country)

From: United States

21st Century blues man, who reaches back to the old traditions but also has a punk sensibility, and a gravelly, soulful voice. Superb live, and famous for his 3 string Trance Wonder guitar (though he does play 6-string more often, as well as a one-string diddley bow!) He has played with everyone from Lightnin’ Hopkins and John Lee Hooker to Modest Mouse. Seasick Steve is a vagabond guitarist and singer who has been drifting across the globe like a musical tumbleweed becoming a star and favorite performer festival after festival. 'Man From Another Time' is a resolutely organic album that defies modern studio trickery in favour of the warm style of 'live' analogue recording. Everything on the album was performed by Seasick Steve, aside from drums which are credited to his longstanding Swedish sticksman Dan Magnusson. Seasick Steve brings great energy and feeling to every track and a great authenticity and ingenuity to the modern day blues genre.

Seasick Steve - Big Green and Yeller

Seasick Steve - Man From Another Time

Seasick Steve - Never Go West

Stranger - Some Kinda Sign EP -2009-
(Reggae, Rock, Soul)

From: San Diego

Fantastic set of tunes from the San Diego Music Award Winners for the best in World Music in 2009. Stranger is Vocals: David Ornelas, Drums: Nolan Clark, Guitar: Daniel Montgomery, Bass: Arthur Tilley, Keys: E.N Young, Saxophones: Aaron Hudson, Trombone: Don Carter. Very tight reggae & jazz rhythms mixed with some great conscious lyrics and smooth vocals make for a great listening experience. The only complaint here is that we only get 5 songs, but don't worry Stranger is in the studio working on a brand new album and is currently touring all over California so go out and support this very good up-and-coming reggae band.

Stranger - Well Be Free

Stranger - The Only One

Monday, June 28, 2010

180° SOUTH - Original Soundtrack -2010-
(Folk, Roots, Rock)


Chris Malloy’s film strikes so deeply into the heart of Patagonia’s wilderness we come to feel at home there. 180° South: Conquerors of the Useless follows Jeff Johnson as he retraces the epic 1968 journey of his heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins to Patagonia. Along the way he gets shipwrecked off Easter Island, surfs the longest wave of his life – and prepares himself for a rare ascent of Cerro Corcovado. Jeff’s life turns when he meets up in a rainy hut with Chouinard and Tompkins who, once driven purely by a love of climbing and surfing, now value above all the experience of raw nature – and have come to Patagonia to spend their fortunes to protect it. One of the best things about this great adventure is the soundtrack. Featuring Ugly Cassanova, James Mercer, Jack Johnson and Mason Jennings. This collection of songs really captures the spirit of the film and the freedom and openness of the environment portrayed. Cool collection of tunes. Beautiful film too.

Ugly Casanova - Here's To Now

Mason Jennings - Machines

Jack Johnson - Spring Wind

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Street Pharmacy - The Legacy Of Rudy -2009-
(Reggae, Rock, Ska)

From: Ontario, Canada

The Street Pharmacy is a four piece reggae rock band from Welland Ontario. The band consists of Ryan Guay (vocals/guitar), Nate Triano (guitar), Brandon Ventresca (bass) and Danial Fretz (Drums). In 2006, after several years of playing with in an assortment of different rock, punk and hardcore bands, these 4 friends decided that it was time to write some songs with a fresh reggae sound. The result just happened to be an infectious upbeat blend of hip-hop, reggae and rock. Similar sound to fellow Canadian rockers Bedouin Soundclash. Street Pharmacy was also recently featured on MuchMusic's DisBand show. Download Legacy Of Rudy from iTunes or purchase the physical CD HERE. Good tunes, check 'em out.

Street Pharmacy - No Manager

Street Pharmacy - Recipe For Deliquency

Street Pharmacy - RSVP

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deer Tick - The Black Dirt Sessions
(Folk, Americana, Rock)

From: Rhode Island

The third full length album The Black Dirt Sessions from Americana up-and-comers Deer Tick is a nice collection of atmospheric and moody tunes. Deer Tick is the songwriting project/band of John McCauley who has been ferociously zig-zagging across the United States, hitting all the sparsely attended basement shows, smoky bars, upscale joints, small to medium size festivals, and everything in between, since 2005. The raspy voiced McCauley sings over nice chiming guitars and swelling backing vocals on the very good 'Twenty Miles', but the sadness is laid on a little thick on quite a few tracks which seems to bring some songs down, but that is not to say that there aren't good songs here because there are. The Black Dirt Sessions is a nice follow-up to the fantastic Born On Flag Day. Download for only $5.99 by clicking the album art above.

Deer Tick - Twenty Miles

The Deer Tick - The Sad Sun

The Deer Tick - Mange

Monday, June 21, 2010

Michael Franti & Spearhead - The Sound Of Sunshine (Singles) -2010-
(Soul, Roots, Reggae)

From: San Francisco

Michael Franti & Spearhead return with their much anticipated album, The Sound Of Sunshine on August 24th. These are the first two singles off the new LP and yep you guessed it, they are GOOD. Franti and the gang are putting out the perfect end of summer record, which is sure to be stocked full awesome tracks. Michael Franti has a knack for putting out very good albums that have a little something for every kind of listener. August 24th cannot come soon enough. Purchase The Sound of Sunshine by clicking the album above and Shake It by clicking HERE.

Michael Franti & Spearhead - The Sound Of Sunshine

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Shake It

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tomorrows Bad Seeds - Sacred For Sale -2010-
(Alternative, Rock, Reggae)

From: Los Angeles

Meet the Seeds: Moises Juarez (lead vocals), Sean Chapman (vocals/guitar), Mathew McEwan (vocals/guitar), Patrick Salmon (drums), and Andre Davis (bass) make up the multi-cultural musical phenomenon that is Tomorrows Bad Seeds. While mainstream music continues to become more commercialized and less visionary, this group of musicians aim to create music containing the substance that radio airwaves seem to lack. It is with this goal that L.A's Tomorrows Bad Seeds has emerged onto the scene and is quickly gaining momentum as one of the hottest rising bands in southern California. Sacred For Sale is album number 2 for the seeds and it explodes with a high-energy mix of Reggae, Rock, Punk, and Hip Hop creating a refreshing and vibrant sound that can captivate any crowd. Very nice eclectic mix of tracks from a talented group of musicians. Grab album for $8.99 by clicking album art above.

Tomorrows Bad Seeds - Sacred For Sale

Tomorrows Bad Seeds - Change

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Angus & Julia Stone - Down The Way -2010-
(Folk, Acoustic, Alternative)

From: Sydney, Australia

Having spent the last two years touring the world in support of their critically acclaimed debut – A Book Like This – Angus and Julia Stone return with their eagerly anticipated sophomore release Down The Way. On Down The Way they make their debut as producers, and develop their sound without losing the spirit of their debut. There’s been a subtle shift in gear, evidence of a growing confidence - the music gravitates from sparse to rich and textured arrangements yet never loses its etherealness and charm. The Australian brother/sister duo gracefully navigate through the 13 tracks, exploring themes of desire, lost love, self-discovery and beauty in the most unlikely of places. Once again the duo share song-writing duties, their individual styles juxtaposing yet complimenting the other. The duo have ventured everywhere from the Scottish Highlands to the heart of the USA. This tireless touring has expanded their audience and with a worldwide tour kicking off in their native Australia in March the siblings are set to continue to win yet more hearts across the globe in 2010. Angus & Julia Stone simply make beautiful music. Check it out for only $5.99 by clicking the album art above.

Angus & Julia Stone - Black Crow

Angus & Julia Stone - For You

Angus & Julia Stone - Yellow Brick Road

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Band Of Horses - Infinite Arms -2010-
(Folk, Indie, Pop, Rock)

From: South Carolina

Band of Horses is Ben Bridwell, Creighton Barrett, Ryan Monroe, Tyler Ramsey, and Bill Reynolds. Infinite Arms marks the recording debut for Ramsey and Reynolds, while Barrett and Monroe graced the last album Cease to Begin. Guitarist/vocalist Ben Bridwell formed Band of Horses in 2004, after the dissolution of his nearly ten-year run in northwest melancholic darlings Carissas Wierd. CW trafficked in sadly beautiful orchestral pop. Band of Horses now has developed their own blend of alt/country dreamer rock, which at times is sweeping and epic. Through extensive touring over the last two years, Band of Horses have become a cohesive force, with all members making invaluable contributions to the unmistakable sound that Bridwell has crafted since the band's inception. Infinite Arms is Band of Horses' third full length album and major label debut. Most have probably heard of BOH by now, but if you have not give them a listen. Nice relaxing and dreamy tunes.

Band of Horses - On My Way Back Home

Band of Horses - Infinite Arms

Band of Horses - Neighbor

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jack Johnson - To The Sea -2010-
(Folk, Acoustic, Surf)

From: Hawaii

Somewhere along the way from his debut to this his 5th studio album, Jack Johnson has become a worldwide superstar. Jack's laid back acoustic surf-rock appeals to the masses and To The Sea does not deviate from that successful formula. The usual bandmates are back once again with Merlo Podlewski, Zach Gill (ALO) and Adam Topol. To The Sea contains some of the most upbeat funky tunes Jack has ever recorded and some of the most mellow of his career, but there is a nice balance throughout making this a very cohesive LP. There are some instant classics here ('You And Your Heart', 'From The Clouds') just to name a couple. While there aren't many risks taken with To The Sea Jack Johnson delivers once again with warm, mellow and soulful tunes. A very enjoyable album that makes you feel like your on a permanent vacation and who doesn't like that feeling.

Jack Johnson - At Or With Me

Jack Johnson - From The Clouds

Jack Johnson - The Upsetter

C-Money - Family Business -2010-
(Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dub)

From: Boston

Christofer “C-Money” Welter was made to be a musician. C-Money has been floating around the reggae scene for years working with some of the best in the business. Best known for his work in John Brown’s Body & 10 Ft. Ganja Plant where he played the keys and trumpet. He is now playing the keys and trumpet in Slightly Stoopid, one of the most successful independent artists in the last decade. C-Money is one of the most innovative, creative, and fast rising musicians in the music biz today. Family Business is a testament to that statement with great melodies, deep bass lines and some great guest vocal performances. C-Money's debut album features appearances from G. Love, Kyle “Stoopid” McDonald of Slightly Stoopid, Elliot Martin of John Brown’s Body, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Dre Gipson of Fishbone and Craig Akira of Pressure Cooker. A very nice blend of reggae/dub, hip-hop, jazz, funk, blues, and soul.

C-Money - B37h

C-Money - Ganja Train

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Beautiful Girls - Spooks -2010-
(Reggae, Rock, Dub)

From: Australia

Australia's The Beautiful Girls have released their 4th album Spooks to much anticipation at least from one huge fan (Me). The exotic passion that stirs the souls of Mat McHugh and his rhythm compadres, Paulie B and Bruce Braybrooke, begins to drip like some rare and potent elixir from the opening beats of Spooks. The rich production and stylistic threads run deep, pure and almost mystically familiar, owing as much to Bob Marley as it does to 70's & 80's punk/dub. TBG is a band that expands their sound with every album and manages to get better with every album as well. On Spooks you can expect to hear some new elements to the TBG repertoire including dubbed out keys, tons of reverb, and some really nice horns. For the fans of the old acoustic TBG tracks this album has those as well. Spooks has something for everyone. Mat McHugh and the boys have done it again with what I'm going to stamp as early favorite for album of the year. Music just doesn't get better than this. Click album art above to download for only $7.99. Enjoy the TBG experience.

TBG - My Mind Is An Echo Chamber

TBG - Home/Family

TBG - After All This Time

The Expendables - Prove It -2010-
(Reggae, Punk, Metal)

From: Santa Cruz

"Prove It the new album from the Expendables, four piece from Santa Cruz, CA ushers in a large arena rock sound coupled with a laid back California groove that issues new blood in an era littered with fashionable screaming emo bands, American Idol rejects, novice 3 chord pop punk, and single note solo rip-offs. The Expendables forge hessian rock, reggae, dub, punk, and fist pumping dual guitar riffs into a unique fusion that pushes the envelope musically with a product as groovy as the funky northern California beach town they grew up in." For followers of the reggae/rock scene you know this album has been in the works for quite some time and is a huge step forward in production value, but the material itself doesn't immediately blow you away, but you are not left totally disappointed either. While a little more mainstream and polished than ever before Prove It does have it's moments with some very solid tracks.
For fans of Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution and of course Sublime.

The Expendables - Get What I Need

The Expendables - Trying To Focus

The Expendables - Brother

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Tallest Man On Earth - Wild Hunt -2010-
(Folk, Acoustic, Blues)

From: Sweden

The Tallest Man on Earth is back with his second LP, The Wild Hunt and it continues the fantastic trend developing from Swedish troubadour Kristian Matsson. It is all here: The words. The voice. The melodies. Ten nearly perfect songs. The Wild Hunt picks up where 2008's Shallow Grave left off, with Matsson doing what he does best, which has him translating old style Dylan into the Swedish countryside. It is unmistakably The Tallest Man on Earth, from the urgent strums of "You're Going Back" and the sweet melodies of "Love is All," to the playful lyricism of live favorite "King of Spain" and the subtle hook on "Burden of Tomorrow." Another giant release from The Tallest Man On Earth. Download for $7.99 by clicking album art above.

The Tallest Man On Earth - King Of Spain

The Tallest Man On Earth - Love Is All

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Black Keys - Brothers -2010-

(Rock, Blues, Alternative)

From: Akron, Ohio

The maturation of the Black Keys as record makers and performers has been both subtle and startling. With their 2008 release Attack & Release - the fifth album of their eight-year career which doubled the sales of their previous album and debut Magic Potion - guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney illustrated the durability of their few-frills sound, a mysterious and heavy brew of seventies-vintage rock, classic R&B and timeless, downhearted blues. Producer and pal Danger Mouse, their first outside collaborator, didn't try to reinvent their sound but further isolated its essence with the help of a few carefully chosen guest players and some retro-modern electronic gear. Brothers uses that past formula perfectly making for a very nice album with a lot of sonic diversity. An enjoyable listen that will only build upon the solid reputation these rockers already have. The two featured tracks are great.

The Black Keys - Next Girl

The Black Keys - Tighten Up