Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Expos - Blackwater -2009-
(Reggae, Ska, Pop)

From: Ontario Canada

It is a pretty awesome time to be a music lover and to have the technology and ability to seek out and occasionally find a band and an album that blow you away. It is sometimes overwhelming to sort through all the music that is out there in every corner of the globe, but every once in awhile you are rewarded. The Expos are one of those rewards, bringing us some of the best and catchiest rocksteady reggae tunes around. Blackwater is one of those rare albums that doesn't just give us a couple good songs, but gives us a collection of classics. Each song has gotten better and better with each listen. The Expos push the limits of reggae far beyond most of their contemporaries with a lush art-pop agenda lurking in the background. The fabulous Expos are Reed Neagle - (Vocals, drums), Michel Verrier - (Vocals, organ), Christopher Shannon - (Bass), and Adam Pariselli - (Guitar). Discover this band now and sit back and enjoy. I know I am.
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