Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Beautiful Girls - Spooks -2010-
(Reggae, Rock, Dub)

From: Australia

Australia's The Beautiful Girls have released their 4th album Spooks to much anticipation at least from one huge fan (Me). The exotic passion that stirs the souls of Mat McHugh and his rhythm compadres, Paulie B and Bruce Braybrooke, begins to drip like some rare and potent elixir from the opening beats of Spooks. The rich production and stylistic threads run deep, pure and almost mystically familiar, owing as much to Bob Marley as it does to 70's & 80's punk/dub. TBG is a band that expands their sound with every album and manages to get better with every album as well. On Spooks you can expect to hear some new elements to the TBG repertoire including dubbed out keys, tons of reverb, and some really nice horns. For the fans of the old acoustic TBG tracks this album has those as well. Spooks has something for everyone. Mat McHugh and the boys have done it again with what I'm going to stamp as early favorite for album of the year. Music just doesn't get better than this. Click album art above to download for only $7.99. Enjoy the TBG experience.

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