Monday, October 18, 2010

Toubab Krewe - TK2 -2010-
(Afro-Beat, Rock, Folk, Jam)

From: Asheville, North Carolina

Toubab Krewe, the instrumental rock quintet from Asheville, NC with a West African musical education, creates "the national music of a country with no name that appears on no map," so it's appropriate that their latest studio album TK2, will be released by Nat Geo Music. Toubab Krewe are Teal Brown (drums), Drew Heller (guitar), Justin Perkins (kora, kamel ngoni, guitar), David Pransky (bass) and Luke Quaranta (percussion). Swirling together a jam band attitude and rock and folk music with their training and love for West African music, Toubab Krewe make some incredibly unique tunes. TK2 is heavier on the rock side, showing off more of their famous live energy and jam band sensibilities throughout the entire album. Put the headphones on for an unreal listening experience. A truly original band and an awesome album.

Toubab Krewe - Holy Grail

Toubab Krewe - Area Code

Toubab Krewe - Gine Fare