Monday, August 3, 2009

10 ft. Ganja Plant - Bushrock -2009-
(Reggae, Roots)

"Who are 10 Ft. Ganja Plant? They are a dub & roots reggae band shrouded in mystery. They hail from the great Northeast and are rumored to share members with another great reggae group, 'John Brown’s Body'. Their shows are rarely announced or promoted. In fact, like a yeti sighting, they seldom occur. Anyone who has seen them live, or owns one of their albums, can attest to the fact that no other band has captured the 70’s spirit quite like this crew, that 10 Ft. may be the best roots group in America."
One of the best roots/reggae bands around today. They are the masters of capturing that classic 70's roots sound. 'Bush Rock' is a well rounded reggae/dub excursion and features both heavy dub tracks and powerful vocal driven songs. For fans of John Brown's Body, Jacob Miller, and of course Bob Marley. This is THE ALBUM to get if you are a fan of reggae.

10 ft. Ganja Plant - Machete Strike

10 ft. Ganja Plant - Too Much Gun a Bust

10 ft. Ganja Plant - 10ft. Ganja Plant and Weed (w/Kyle McDonald)

10 ft. Ganja Plant - Got to Be a Soldier