Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Timmy Curran - Word Of Mouth -2008-
(Rock, Pop, Folk, Acoustic)

From: California

A pioneer in the realm of surfing has turned his attention to the art of making music for awhile and the result is very nice! With hints of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper, Curran puts together a nice album with his light & airy vocals and relaxing haunting melodies. Curran’s music has the same mix of coolness and depth, though it’s not quite as catchy as either of the compared musicians. Yet! That is not to say it isn't great music because it is. 'Daylights Coming' is a stand out track on the album and even better heard live. 'Blue Eyes' is a catchy light-hearted good time and 'Comatose' is one of those haunting deep melodies. This is a very good debut album from a very talented man. Looking forward to much more good music from Mr. Curran in the future. Oh and he is damn good live!

Timmy Curran - Daylight's Coming

Timmy Curran - Comatose

Timmy Curran - Selfish Ways

Timmy Curran - Blue Eyes


JSmorz said...

i love you Timmy! And that video to Blue Eyes is pretty funny. How'd that guy get such a hot wife? All around, he is just good stuff.

Soul Doubt said...

He should stick to surfing. I'll give him a break because I appreciate what he does for the Surfrider Foundation but I'm not yet a fan of his music...