Wednesday, April 7, 2010

John Butler Trio - April Uprising -2010-
(Rock, Folk, Roots)

From: Fremantle, Western Australia

April Uprising, the new album from John Butler Trio, is John’s most focused, diverse and accessible album to date. It combines the personal, the political and the musically memorable with skill and passion. April Uprising however is definitely an escape from the sound of the John Butler Trio two albums ago, but like I have said before change is not always bad. There may be a new modern rock/pop edge to some of John's music, but an artist can't constantly put out the same kind of material. He has to experiment and expand on his influences and that is what JBT has done here. The foundations of John Butler's music (groove of the Trio, the soul of the guitar and the honesty and integrity of John's lyrics) can still be heard, but it is remodeled here in a way that will most likely introduce him and his new rhythm section (Nicky Bomba - drums and Byron Luiters - bass) to the masses. If you are already a fan of JBT then this album may take a few listens, but if your going to check em out for the first time, buy it, listen to it and then take a journey through his catalog and experience the mastery that is John Butler.

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