Friday, April 23, 2010

Xavier Rudd & Izintaba - Koonyum Sun -2010-
(Folk, Rock, World)

From: Australia

Xavier Rudd's new 2010 release Koonyum Sun is another stellar collection of tunes from the Australian multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter. The album was recorded in 301 Studio’s in Byron Bay Australia (one of my favorite places on earth), under bright sunny skies, surrounded by white sand beaches and rolling turquoise waves – a setting that couldn’t be better for this album because that is where the music Xavier has created transports you. Moving away from the heavier edged sound that he pursued on Dark Shades Of Blue, Xavier is back to his upbeat, hip-swaying sound that has been his mainstay on previous recordings. The album marks a fresh, new musical and spiritual awakening for Rudd, perhaps most notably as it’s his first with bassist Tio Moloantoa and percussionist Andile Nqubezelo (of the late Lucky Dube’s band) 
 under the unified banner of Xavier Rudd & Izintaba. Though the trio has been performing together for many months, Koonyum Sun is their first collaborative collection of songs – a triangle of influence that carries a piece of each individual member, yet keeps them all connected. Thanks to the input of Inzintaba, there’s a staggering amount of vigor to this release that Xavier Rudd fans haven’t seen to date. There’s also more vocal variation, with colourful harmonies in several different languages soaring atop the music. “It’s been the most inspirational musical experience of my life,” shares Rudd about his writing with Tio and Andile. “We have an undeniable connection – musically, spiritually, and emotionally. I feel like they were sent to me.” After listening to this amazing album you will feel like IT was sent to you as well. Xavier creates life changing music. Click HERE to purchase Koonyum Sun for only $7.99.

Xavier Rudd & Izintaba - Sky to Ground

Xavier Rudd & Izintaba - Fresh Green Freedom

Xavier Rudd & Izintaba - Soften The Blow