Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plants & Animals - La La Land -2010-
(Indie, Rock)

From: Montreal

It's not easy to label the kind of music Plants and Animals make, but it's easy for it to feel instantly familiar. Maybe that's because they record to tape, and their records sound like they could have been made in 1972. But for all their analog warmth, it's also impossible to deny how raw and recent the songs sound, and harder still to find anything else that sounds quite the same. Plants and Animals are Warren C. Spicer, Matthew `the Woodman' Woodley, and Nicolas Basque. Plants and Animals latest offering, La La Land, is louder, and tougher, but also showcases their smoothest and most cohesive to-date. Inspired by a rediscovery of electric guitars, amplification and fuzz pedals, it takes us up and away from Parc Avenue's Montreal-in-the-summer vibe, and out into the rock n' roll ether. In many ways La La Land is just as eclectic as Parc Avenue, from California coast vibes to Montreal winters. But there's something more mature holding it all together now. As they might say in the movies, La La Land isn't a place--it's a state of mind.

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