Monday, July 5, 2010

King Kekai - Naha Stone -2007-
(Rap, Reggae, Hawaiian)

From: Hawaii

There are not a lot of better feelings in this world than taking in the beautiful scenery of Hawaii while listening to the laid back tunes of the islands. I heard quite a few tracks while in Hawaii that are now on a pretty consistent rotation on the iPod to replicate that feeling of peace and relaxation. King Kekai is one of those Hawaiian artists that you will hear on local stations and he plays a mix of rap, hip-hop and reggae. While he does have a nice variety of tracks on Naha Stone I will forever remember King Kekai for his track 'Green Bottles'. This song has become the theme song or anthem if you will to both of my vacations to the islands. It is an epic track so give it a listen. It cracks me up and makes me thirsty every time I hear it. Pass me a green bottle already!

King Kekai - Green Bottles