Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tanuki Dub - Glad To Be Glad -2009-
(Dub, Reggae, Jazz)

From: Queensland, Australia

Tanuki Dub's 'Glad To Be Glad' is the debut solo offering from PaulieB the versatile bassist of The Beautiful Girls. PaulieB is an Australian music gem, tucked away in his West End studio ‘The Tanuki Lounge’ when he isn’t touring internationally with TBG. 'Glad To Be Glad' is a largely instrumental anthology of striking cinematic world music, sometimes reminiscent of the early Studio One releases, other times like a Tarantino soundtrack remixed by Bill Laswell. This is music born from a single bassline. Starting with a single, simple idea and then overdubbing the accompaniments, each recording featured on this album was conceived and completed within a single studio session - one session a day for 11 days in June 2009. This album showcases dub not only as a style of music, but as a style of audio post production that can be used to explore the spaces within all music. Awesome set of sweet relaxing organic tunes.

Tanuki Dub - Creamtop Dub

Tanuki Dub - Glad To Be Glad

Tanuki Dub - Liquid Dub