Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sand Section - Truth Over Harmony -2010-
(Reggae, Rock, Indie, Surf)

From: Manhattan Beach, CA

Sand Section is Jeff Nisen (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Tony Gonella (bass, vocals, percussion) and Sam Mandelbaum (drums, percussion). These 3 formed in 2008 and in that short span have already shared the stage with the likes of The Dirty Heads, Tomorrows Bad Seeds and Tribal Seeds. On Truth Over Harmony Sand Section draws upon many genres, but always comes back to their signature sound of soaring harmonies and kick-ass guitar solos. Whether it be a piano ballad or a hard rock jam, Nisen and Gonella’s vocal harmonies are the backbone and major characteristic of just about every track. Most tracks have a SoCal surf vibe e.g. 'Matter Of Time', but there are other acoustic cuts e.g. 'Sanya' where you can hear the influence of bands like Dispatch (which is always nice to hear). Click the album art above and go to downloads to download the album for any donation price you choose.

Sand Section - Undertow

Sand Section - Matter Of Time

Sand Section - Sanya