Sunday, June 14, 2009

Custom Kings - Where do they go? & Merchant Songs EP
(Folk, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Acoustic)

First discovered these guys on my trip to OZ a couple of years ago from a tour guide and have thanked my lucky stars since. These first two EP's by the Custom Kings are outstanding. There is a song for every mood you could be in. Their music is such a mixture of genres. You could say they are a mix of everyone between Jack Johnson, G. Love, Jose Gonzalez, etc. These boys have a truly refreshing sound that you don't find in the music world very often. They have a new album out "At Sea" and there is a side project as well "Joe Neptune". But I thought i would start you at the beginning. Enjoy.

"If any band can be claiming to be reinvigorating rootsy, reggae flavoured pop it's the Custom Kings" Rolling Stone

Custom Kings - Spin My Thread

Custom Kings - Rose Pickles

Custom Kings - Golden Winged Ships

Custom Kings - Number 1

Custom Kings - Takin' Aim

Custom Kings - Up Late (off new album 'At Sea')