Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mat McHugh - Sereratista! - 2008-
(Acoustic, Reggae, Jazz)

From: Australia

Usually the frontman for the great Australian band The Beautiful Girls, Mat McHugh decided to put out a solo album that will greatly appeal to those fans of earlier more acoustic TBG. This album is not all that different from the TBG, but it seems to be uniquely him. The Black Bird is his backup band for the disc and they sound great, adding their subtle touches to each song. The songs on this disc are mostly all sparse acoustic songs with hints of rock, jazz, and reggae. Every track is great and the album flows greatl. This is a very playful yet dark melodic album. A truly awesome LP that I think everyone that likes music can appreciate. This is just the beginning for for this gifted musician so get listening. Viva! The Willful Left Turn!

Mat McHugh - Lonliness

Mat McHugh - It Isn't Me

Mat McHugh - Fall To Pieces

Mat McHugh - The Bottle

Mat McHugh - Darling, This Scene Must End

Mat McHugh - Under The Landslide (Live on MTV OZ)