Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jack Johnson - En Concert -2009-
(Acoustic, Rock, Surf)

From: Haleiwa, Hawaii

The new live CD/DVD by Jack Johnson has him playing live from Bonnaroo with Eddie Vedder to Paris and all across Europe. There are fan favorite cuts such as Bubble Toes and newer tracks like Sleep Through The Static and all sound pretty damn good. The live vibe translates very well to the disc with great musical interaction within the band and with guest musicians. This is a surprisingly good and very enjoyable live set by Jack and his pals. The best I have heard him sound live.....well EVER. Any JJ material is better than none so I will chillax with this set of tunes and wait with anticipation until the next studio offering.

Jack Johnson - Sleep Through The Static

Jack Johnson - Country Road w/ Paula Fuga

Jack Johnson - Constellations w/ Eddie Vedder

Jack Johnson - The Horizon Has Been Defeated / Mother & Child Reunion

Jack Johnson - En Concert Trailer