Sunday, October 11, 2009

Joe Neptune - No Time To Grow Up -2008-
(Rock, Folk, Pop)

From: Victoria, Australia

Joe Neptune is the side project of Nick Vorrath and Jarrad Brown from the awesome band The Custom Kings. No Time To Grow Up is a really nice little compilation of surf, folk, experimental pop and just enough of that Custom Kings style of rock that I for one am so fond of. This is a beautiful folk album layered with a myriad of instruments and voices. "I Shall See My Love No More" is an instant classic - just a beautiful folk song that I can't stop playing over and over. The title track is standard CK fare and "Here Now, Waiting" has a very groovy baseline and vocal harmonies. Any new material from these boys is always welcome!

Joe Neptune - No Time To Grow Up

Joe Neptune - Drift Away

Joe Neptune - Here Now, Waiting

Joe Neptune - Just Go Indigo

Joe Neptune - I Shall See My Love No More **Download**