Tuesday, October 13, 2009

State Radio - Let It Go -2009-
(Rock, Reggae, Folk, Punk)

From: Boston, Mass

"For generations of great American songwriters, the music and the message have been inextricably linked. Word and deed are one in the same, and the only thing more moving than the rousing call to action is the evocative melody that transports the words like a shell casing. These are fire-breathing poets of justice who sing about ordinary people in extraordinary ways, and can turn the world inside out with three chords and the truth. These are the tenets by which STATE RADIO’s Chad Stokes Urmston, Chuck Fay, and Mike “Mad Dog” Najarian are driven, and they once again flex that strength and sense of purpose on their third album, LET IT GO. But this is no soapbox symposium."
I have been featuring tracks from this album for months and it is finally here. The album of the year without a doubt! State Radio fuses Bob Marley style grooves with Rage Against the Machine intensity along with a splash of punk rock and folk to create a fresh and unique sound. The album is full of stand out tracks from start to finish and kicks off with “Mansin Humanity,” which is about the Armenian genocide which is catchy as hell. "Doctor Ron The Actor" invokes the spirit of The Clash. "Bohemian Grove" is pure reggae goodness. Let It Go continues the evolution of SR's sound but the bridge between all the records has always been Stokes’ transcendental storytelling, which continues to mature and evolve on Let It Go. This is a FANTASTIC album by a Great Band! Get This One NOW!!!

State Radio - Mansin Humanity

State Radio - Doctor Ron The Actor

State Radio - Bohemian Grove

State Radio - Still & Silent