Saturday, January 2, 2010

Angus & Julia Stone - A Book Like This -2009-
(Indie, Folk, Acoustic)

From: Sydney, Australia

Angus and Julia Stone make their North American debut with A Book Like This - a collection of thirteen heartfelt and organic songs. Together the songs on A Book Like This are strikingly poignant and textured recordings that immediately draw listeners into the simple and endearing vision of the duo’s world. Whether they are tagged as folky, acoustic or bluesy-rock is not a concern for the duo: “We don’t listen to heaps of other music,” says Angus. “We are two people who play music because…well just because…and if people can enjoy the music and feel something then that is a wonderful thing.” A Book Like This is an appropriate soundtrack for lazy Sunday afternoons, when the pace of the world matches the relaxed gait of this winsome duo. Really good collection of tunes, but my favorite is "All The Colours" a bonus track only found on iTunes. This brother/sister duo is going to be huge so take a listen now and spread the word. Click cover art above to purchase mp3 version of album for only $5.

Angus & Julia Stone - Private Lawns

Angus & Julia Stone - All The Colours