Friday, January 29, 2010

Dan Auerbach - Keep It Hid -2009-
(Blues, Rock)

From: Akron, Ohio

The Black Keys' singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach releases his self-produced solo debut, mixing, he says, "psychedelia, soul music, loud and soft guitars." Backed by a full band, he prowls the dark end of the street, with gritty, impassioned vocals lending drama to tales of romantic betrayal and suspicious minds. On Keep It Hid, he references the artists and genres that have long fascinated him, from soul-stirring bluegrass to fuzzed-out ‘60s psychedelia, from the doleful side of country to Memphis R&B, with some carnivalesque rock and roll to tie it all together. He doesn’t so much depart from the approach of The Black Keys as explore in a full-on band context ideas that have, to varying degrees, helped shape the duo’s elemental groove. As Auerbach explains, “The one thing I didn’t want to do is to try to sound different from The Black Keys. That would have sounded half-assed and boring. I just wanted to do things I loved.” Really nice debut album and also just so nice to hear an artist play some rocking blues and let loose.

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