Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Custom Kings - Great Escape -2010-
(Rock, Folk, Jam)

From: Melbourne

Custom Kings grabbed my attention with their first EP while on vacation in OZ and I haven't been able to stop listening some 6 years later. Nick Vorrath, Luke Gale, Craig Shanahan and Jarrad Brown make some incredibly catchy tunes. They started out being a little more reggae with an almost Aussie hip-hop vibe, but over the last couple of albums have developed more of a folky pop style which also suits them. They are a very versatile band which has also spanned more than a couple side projects including last years awesome Joe Neptune album. Great Escape marked a shift in the way the band approached the recording process. Stepping out of the "bedroom", the band set up camp at Melbourne's legendary Sing Sing for a two-week recording session, working with long-time collaborator and producer Steven Schram. The enjoyment of this style is evident throughout Great Escape, an album that bursts with warm melodies and sunny arrangements. Great Escape is a sublime musical journey that treats listeners to intelligent, whimsical story telling but also some more driving moments that channel Californian surf sounds of the 60s and 70s, as well as early 90s indie pop. Great instrumentation and glorious harmonies await you. Check out this album and their whole discography for a wonderful musical discovery.

Custom Kings - Great Escape

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