Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Katchafire - On The Road Again -2010-
(Reggae, Dub)

From: New Zealand

For over a decade, Katchafire have been ambassadors of roots reggae music in New Zealand. Three long years after the release of their last offering Say What You're Thinking, Katchafire present their highly anticipated new album On The Road Again. Katchafire's sound has always thrived off their strong cultural identity and self awareness. Their music embodies the feel good nature of life in rural New Zealand towns. On The Road Again is a testament to life spent on tour since the release of 'Say What You're Thinking'. Over the past three years Katchafire, the hardest working band in New Zealand, have toured religiously across New Zealand, Australia, the greater Pacific (including Hawaii) and USA playing to over 30,000 people at selected events. The album is a melting pot of musical sensibilities including Jamaican dance-hall, r'n'b, roots, reggae and funk. Katchafire never disappoints and always puts out incredible reggae tunes.

Katchafire - On The Road Again

Katchafire - Yr Dreaming

Katchafire - Groove Again