Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fistful of Mercy - As I Call You Down -2010-
(Acoustic, Rock, Folk)

From: Los Angeles

Debut from super-trio featuring Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison (George's son) and Joseph Arthur. The trio formed in early 2010 and wasted little time before laying down tracks for what would become As I Call You Down. Deeply melodic and willfully groovy (thanks, in part, to world-class session drummer Jim Keltner), As I Call You Down shines with acoustic guitars, some killer slide from Harper, and those undeniable harmonies. It’s the sound of three very experienced musicians, each used to running his own show, coming together and having a ball. Written, produced and recorded in Harper's studio, As I Call You Down is comprised of nine songs complete with soulful harmonies and blues-infused folk guitar seamlessly blended with an indie rock backbone. As I Call You Down effortlessly crosses through genre defining borders and is sure to please fans of all three performer's previous work, while welcoming new listeners with open arms. Download album for only $3.99! by clicking album cover above.

Fistful of Mercy - As I Call You Down

Fistful of Mercy - Fistful of Mercy

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