Sunday, July 19, 2009

RX Bandits - Mandala -2009-
(Rock, Progressive, Alternative)

From: Seal Beach, CA

A band that is constantly reinventing their sound is a tricky thing but if done right the great musicianship of that band shines through. RX Bandits are one of those bands that do it right. They have covered almost all genres of music throughout their career - Rock, Reggae, Punk, Blues, etc.. On their new album 'Mandala' they have scaled down the 'ska' horns that were so prevalent on some previous records and come up with a more straight forward hard Prog-Rock sound. The songs on this LP flow very nicely into each other and you are treated to a true musical experience after listening to this album. Another of those explosive live bands so if you get a chance to see them don't miss it. You can get this album on Amazon.MP3 for $2.99 right now. My highlights so far are 'March Of The Caterpillar' and 'White Lies'.

RX Bandits - My Lonesome Only Friend

RX Bandits - March Of The Caterpillar

RX Bandits - White Lies

RX Bandits - Bury It Down Low