Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Cat Empire - Live On Earth -2009-
(Jazz, Funk, Latin, Ska, Rock)

From: Melbourne, Australia

One of Australia's most successful touring bands. This 2 disc live set is a testament to why they have been selling out shows across the globe for years. Full of fan favorites from their personal archive of live recordings spanning their full career, The Cat Empire have given their fans a look into the dynamic live sets they deliver. The Cat Empre is a musically gifted group of musicians who don't play a song the same way every time. They bring new arrangements for a bunch of the songs on these discs. It is pretty cool to hear a song you thought you knew every chord and lyric to and hear it like never before. So crank up the stereo and commence your dancing and singing, NOW!

The Cat Empire - The Chariot

The Cat Empire - Two Shoes

The Cat Empire - No Longer There


JSmorz said...

TWO Shoes..great song.