Monday, July 6, 2009

Lady of the Sunshine - Smoking Gun -2009-
(Rock, Alternative)

From: New South Wales, Australia

'Lady Of The Sunshine' is the solo project by Australian singer/songwriter Angus Stone, known for his work with his sister in the duo Angus and Julia Stone. The duo puts out melodic acoustic folk, but here Angus plugs in and lets loose. There are still traces of the softer Nick Drake style of tunes, but on the others you see a new White Stripes, Black Keys style from Mr. Stone. The album alternates nicely between the chilled-acoustic and the full on rock tracks. I think we truly get to see the real Angus Stone with this record, displaying the true capability of his voice, which goes from a quiet, chilled, folk voice, to a full-on rock scream. An album and an artist definitely worth checking out.

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