Sunday, February 14, 2010

Citizen Cope - The Rainwater LP -2010-
(Alternative, Folk, Blues)

From: Brooklyn

Citizen Cope is both a person (singer/songwriter Clarence Greenwood) and an acoustic-driven band. Born in Memphis and raised in Washington, D.C., Greenwood is the leader of the group, and he steers the band's soulful sound by serving as keyboardist, guitarst, lead singer, DJ, songwriter, and producer. Cope's newest creation, The Rainwater LP gives us 8 tracks that are cut from the same cloth as previous albums with a great fusion of blues, folk-pop, and laidback hip-hop and reggae. The new material is as good as ever, but I am definitely left wanting more (8 new tracks after an almost four year studio absence) only because I enjoy Cope's sound so much. Very passionate and unique tunes here and you can grab a digital copy for only $5.99 by clicking the cover art above.

Citizen Cope - Healing Hands

Citizen Cope - Off The Ground