Friday, February 26, 2010

Sea Wolf - White Water, White Bloom
(Indie, Rock, Folk, Alternative)

From: Los Angeles

Much like Iron & Wine or many similar indie outfits, Sea Wolf is the project name of a sole singer/songwriter who drafts in other musicians as the occasion warrants. That singer/songwriter is Alex Brown Church, a California native who looks to local authors like John Steinbeck and Jack London (whose 1904 novel -The Sea Wolf provided the band name) for inspiration. White Water, White Bloom is the second full length Sea Wolf album, following 2007's critically acclaimed Leaves in the River. Sea Wolf has put out an album that is artful but accessible rock that rewards repeated listening. What is unique about this cd: strings, organs, and a wide variety of instrumentation (20-some instruments are listed in the liner notes), each expertly chosen as a perfect fit to each song. Lyrics are poetic and obscure enough to bring you into the world of the music that already has an ethereal feel to it.

Sea Wolf - Dew In The Grass

Sea Wolf - Spirit Horse

Sea Wolf - Wicked Blood