Saturday, February 6, 2010

Johnny Flynn - A Larum -2008-
(Folk, Roots)

From: London

You only need to listen to a minute of Johnny Flynn's songwriting to hear the influence of literate, melodic folk innovators like Richard Thomson and John Fahey, but the depth of his detailed lyrics and intuitive melodies is also evidence of a compelling back story. Flynn was born in South Africa, first performed in the boys choir of a Brit boarding school and was a professional Shakespearian actor in his early 20s. With his first, and now backing band Sussix Wit, he released a number of singles before issuing his debut as frontman in 2008, A Larum (Old English for "Alarm"). This collection of roguish neo-traditional Brit folk pleasantly reminds me of Mescaleros period Joe Strummer at multiple times throughout this stunning debut. A Larum presents a powerful new singer/songwriter's voice to the world.

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