Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lee Everton - Sing a Song For Me -2009-
(Reggae, Pop, Roots)

From: Zurich, Switzerland

Reggae singer-songwrtier Lee Everton is back with another tasty serving of his self penned 'Slingstyle' reggae. This 'Slingstyle' approach is the foundation for the backing of his singer-songwriter reggae, leaving lots of space once more for his beautiful melodies and intense lyrics on this extremely impressive follow up to his debut album Inner Exile. This second LP picks up right where Inner Exile left off with Everton's chill blend of reggae, pop and jazzy soul. Each song is full of organs, an on-point brass section, sweet percussions, various offbeat-rhythms and a nice dose of acoustic and electric guitars. Not quite as good as the debut, but Lee Everton is a wizard of relaxation and you will fall under his spell once again with Sing a Song For Me.

Lee Everton - Don't Make It Too Hard

Lee Everton - Little Light