Wednesday, September 23, 2009

David Gray - Draw The Line -2009-
(Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Pop)

From: United Kingdom

Ladies and Gentlemen, David Gray is back! The genius behind "White Ladder" a modern classic in my opinion has put out an album that gets back to Gray's roots of a gritty and often dark songwriter. Previous albums sounded a little overproduced - their are some strings here as well, but the piano/acoustic guitar staple sound of Gray is very well done. The tracks on "Draw The Line" crackle with energy, and the subtle pop impulses that propelled "White Ladder" bring just enough hooks to this album without sounding too forced. David Gray sings and plays with so much passion, and throughout this whole album it sounds as if he is singing the last show of his life. "Draw The Line" is a very listener friendly and accessible album, but at the same time it is open, expansive and deep. The title track catches David Gray at his very best and "Fugitive" sets a very nice tone and pace to the album. Amazingly, a lot of people I talk to have never even heard of David Gray, which is a shame, so spread the word people! Mr. Gray is Back!

David Gray - Fugitive

David Gray - Draw The Line

David Gray - First Chance

David Gray - Harder

David Gray - Draw The Line (Live & Acoustic)