Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jeff Lang - Half Seas Over -2008-
(Experimental, Folk Rock, Blues)

From: Australia

This Australian based musician has earned worldwide acclaim as a virtuosic guitarist, a dynamic songwriter and a startlingly unique live performer. Mr. Lang has a back catalog of 13 studio albums and has been featured at major festivals, pubs, clubs, arts centers and venues internationally for the past decade. Blending rock, roots, folk, blues, ballads, instrumentals, improvisation and a devastatingly high level of musicality, Jeff Lang is a singularly unique performer. John Butler has been quoted as saying that Jeff Lang was his inspiration for where he is today. If you get a chance to listen to some of his earlier works it is very much encouraged. But for now enjoy the ART of this truly gifted musician.

Jeff Lang - Copper Mine

Jeff Lang - The Vaults Of Lattanzio

Jeff Lang - Ghosts On My Mind

Jeff Lang - Southern Highlands Daughter