Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Casual Fiasco - E.P. -2007-
(Rock, Jam Band, Folk Rock)

From: Burlington, VT

The Casual Fiasco blend elements of roots rock, folk, blues, reggae and even some bluegrass. It is a mix of mountain and island music. I first heard these guys back in '05 because of their likeness to my all time favorite band - Dispatch. Their album 'Body Over Mind' was produced by Jack Gauthier(Dispatch) and was added to rotation on 150+ college radio stations across the country and extensive east coast touring. Their next album 'Prototype' was a very nice step forward as well as this E.P., which is available for free on their website. However the band went in different directions and we have not heard much out of these boys for awhile. According to their website though they are back and feel like playing music again. Hopefully we will hear more of The Casual Fiasco in the future.

The Casual Fiasco - Tribe Of Believers

The Casual Fiasco - Bottom of the Sea

The Casual Fiasco - Sweet Anita