Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunshine Brothers - Rebel Yellow -2007-
(Dub, Reggae, Soul)

From: Western Australia

"For the uninitiated The Sunshine Brothers play a gritty style of gypsy/dub/reggae and they don't mind a drink and they like to have a good time and share it around." These boys from Down Under create some damn fine instrumental music for any mood. When they do occasionally sing, expect vocals reminiscent of The Clash. Everything is done well on this LP - Guitars, Percussion, Horns and oh man can Cheeky play the Melodica. I love this album! It was recorded on the BEACH in Fremantle, so that gives you an idea of where the inspiration of The Sunshine Brothers is coming from. They have shared the stage with Xavier Rudd, The Cat Empire, Fat Freddy's Drop, The Beautiful Girls, etc... "Dub/reggae is the last form of rebel music standing and the Brothers play it with pride, power, authenticity and smiles." The have a newer album "GREENPOINT" out as well.

***There are two bands with the same name - this one from OZ and another from Cali who is also pretty damn chill and might make on here soon***

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