Saturday, November 6, 2010

Arman Srsa - Underneath The Sun -2010-
(Acoustic, Reggae, Folk)

From: Buenos Aires

Arman Srsa was born in Croatia, raised in South Africa, but recorded his new album in Argentina, a place he currently calls home. Srsa is constantly in travel mode all over the globe. Srsa expresses "I have seen, found and learned much. The world is such a beautiful place and i can't bear the thought of living without knowing at least a big part of it so it is my intention to live abroad in as many countries as i can. It is a difficult choice to keep moving because you're always leaving friends behind, seeing new faces and sometimes i don't know where "home" is. I like to think i have more than one by now because I have family and friends all over the world. Since my first visit to Buenos Aires, i fell in love with the city and culture and since then i have left but somehow always ended up coming back. So here i am...for now anyway." To me Srsa sounds like a mix between Jack Johnson and Australia's Will Conner. Srsa delivers a nice mellow reggae and summery vibe throughout. Arman Srsa is an awesome unknown talent that is sure to gain unlimited fan support once everyone's ears take in this album.

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