Monday, November 1, 2010

The Walkmen - Lisbon -2010-
(Indie, Rock)

From: New York City

The Walkmen are one of the last survivors of New York Citys post-punk boon and returns with Lisbon, their fifth full-length of original songs. The Walkmen are Hamilton Leithauser, Paul Maroon, Walter Martin, and Matt Barick. The Walkmen are kings of dejection. They make wounded, anxious songs, but they make them so confidently and with such unearthly assurance. The band's specific style of indie rock is very rooted in a scrappy, scratchy New York tradition that dates back to the Velvet Underground or Bob Dylan, but their take on it is theirs and theirs alone. You know one of their songs right away when those winding, circular guitars and surging drums and rough wailing vocals kick in. Lisbon may not have that one standout classic song, but it keeps giving you solid track after solid track.

The Walkmen - Juveniles

The Walkmen - Angela Surf City

The Walkmen - Stranded