Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The White Buffalo - Prepare For Black & Blue -2010-
(Rock, Folk, Acoustic)

From: Los Angeles

The White Buffalo a.k.a Jake Smith, is a throwback to the time of hard touring and hard drinking artists who really lived what they sang about. Smith is complex, gifted and compelling. Everything about Smith is larger than life, from his towering stature, to his quaking bravado. At moments, Smith's songs are wrought in tenderness, and in the next, he allows the grit to surface. Educated by Tom Waits, Radiohead, Elliot Smith, Waylon Jennings and his parents collection of country music, these touchstones steep into Smith's harrowing lyrical content. Prepare For Black & Blue is an amazing EP and while the songs are absolutely amazing we are left wanting more only because the music is so fantastic. Hopefully with The White Buffalo joining Ruff Shod Records (State Radio label) we will be blessed with more and more White Buffalo material. Doesn't get better than this. Support this guy and see him live. Classic! Get the EP for $3.99 by clicking the album art above.

The White Buffalo - Love Song #2

The White Buffalo - Oh Darlin What Have I Done

The White Buffalo - Into The Sun