Monday, November 1, 2010

Hoffmaestro & Chraa - Skank-A-Tronic Punkadelica -2010-
(Reggae, Funk, Hip-Hop, Ska, Rock)

From: Sweden

Hoffmaestro & Chraa is a Swedish band which was formed in Stockholm, where most of the founding 11 members are from. They have been heavily inspired by groups such as Manu Negra, Parliament Funkadelic, Dr. John, Beastie Boys, Bob Marley and Googol Bordello. They call their homemade genre, which is blending of countless styles nothing less than 'Skank-A-tronic Punkadelica'. In Sweden Hoffmaestro's live shows have become a phenomenon. They have been acclaimed to be one of Sweden's best performing live acts ever. Their critically acclaimed debut album The Storm was packed full of awesome tracks. On Skank-A-Tronic, Hoffmaestro once again brings a plethora of genres together to make an album full of non-stop dance tunes(with some new electronic sounds thrown in), skanking reggae and ballads. Hoffmaestro brings fun and pure enjoyment into their music. Check it out. Good stuff.

Hoffmaestro - Round It Goes

Hoffmaestro - Memories In Blue

Hoffmaestro - Ibracadabra