Monday, November 15, 2010

The Romany Rye - Highway 1: Looking Back Carefully -2009-
(Folk, Rock, Indie)

From: Los Angeles

The Romany Rye is the brainchild of Luke MacMaster, who after playing guitar in more straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll bands now finds himself playing some of the most beautiful, insightful and epic indie folk rock in some time. MacMaster recorded and self-released this his first record, Highway 1: Looking Back Carefully, under the Romany Rye moniker back in late 2009 and is now touring with a full band and opening for the likes of Dawes(right now) and Delta Spirit, which has exposed his music up to a whole new cross-section of music fans. The Romany Rye’s sound recalls everything from the greats like Neil Young to more contemporary acts like Wilco and Band of Horses. MacMaster is a skilled songwriter, weaving contemplative metaphors with relatable stories and situations. Get ready to become an instant fan of this incredibly powerful and moving music. The last track on the album, Untitled (Love Song) is a classic and shows off the amazing potential of MacMaster and his crew. Purchase on iTunes by clicking the album above.

The Romany Rye - Brother

The Romany Rye - Long Way Down

The Romany Rye - Untitled (Love Song)